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About Us

Hambrook Marshes is a 50 acre wetland area lying by the River Stour, not far from Canterbury city centre. Love Hambrook Marshes (LHM) CIO is a charity which manages the Hambrook Marsh site. LHM was formed by local residents in March 2014 to purchase the site at a time when it was on offer for sale and threatened with possible closure to the public and with development.  Click here for details of the current trustees.


Love Hambrook Marshes (LHM) has five broad aims:


  • To ensure Hambrook Marhes remains open and undeveloped

  • To ensure conservation of the site through effective land management

  • To protect and encourage plant and wildlife

  • To guarantee the existing public access to the site

  • To encourage community involvement in the site



For funding we rely on grants from Natural England to maintain the land through appropriate grazing and management to support a diverse range of wildlife. For any additional activities (repairing or replacing notice boards, raising pathways that suffer from flooding, dealing with litter, weed control, improving disability access, supervising volunteer workers, surveys of plants and wildlife, etc) we have to seek further funding elsewhere.


If you'd like to support our aims with a donation, however large or small, this would be very gratefully received. Regular contributions, will greatly assist with our planning. All donations received will go directly to worthwhile project work - no deduction for management or administration.  




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All information collected on these forms will be treated as confidential and used only for the administration of donations.