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our thanks to volunteers who have been clearing scrub on the rail embankment - see volunteers page for pictures

at last - two new litter bins in place - see pics opposite


Geography Field Trip (CCCU)

Environment Science Field Trip (CCCU)

Pond survey by Kent Reptile & Amphibian Group

more new fencing in preparation for arrival of cattle

volunteers complete major tidying up of old fencing


first 2015 mowing by cycle path

new cattle on site

finalised Annual Report for 2014-5

start of KSCP Reptile Monitoring Project

visitor 'census'  survey carried out - click here for report


FOHM 'Meet the public' day

last grass mowing for 2015









click images for captions

bins-2 bins-1 geog-01 geog-02 geog-03 geog-04 newt-01 newt-03 newt-04 newt-06 newt-05 news-201504A news-201504B newcattle-1 census-1 census-2 census-3 publicday mowing-nov-15